Yes you can, but if you are below the 100% profit of your investment, you will be deducted the already paid out payments. If you are above 100% of your investment, you can pay off your profit and the entire investment.
2% a day on your investment is the normal case, but sometimes we have actions in which we spend more.
Absolutely, but we do not allow you to create a Lending and a Lender Invest Account in the Lending area to get 4%.
Yes You can invest with the provider Paybis without own Bitcoins.
Every day you can withdraw, the payouts usually take 1 to 4 hours.
We have 20 packages for Lender Investors and Lender Loaners. Please visit the Laser App on a daily basis, because if an investor pays, the loan package will also appear.
The running time of the normal packages is not limited. The duration of the lending packages, however, on 100 trading days.
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Disclaimer & Risk Warning

Trading on the stock exchange is associated with complex instruments and involves a high level of risk. These risks include liquidity losses, price changes, high volatility and uncontrollable circumstances. Before you open an account with us, you should be aware that a total loss of your investment is possible.BTC LASER is not liable for any loss or damage caused by investments made. Past performance is not an indicator of current or future performance.

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